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A couple of songs recorded in Verden Studios, Edinburgh (by the seaside) funded by Creative Scotland.

NOTE: Even though it says 'Buy Album' above, you can download these songs FOR FREE. We wont mind. Honestly. Obviously we'd be very flattered if you decided to give us some money, but it's really not a requirement. We'd rather you had them. TAKE THEM!


released March 23, 2011




The Spook School Edinburgh, UK

Hello. We are The Spook School. We're trying to have a good time.


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Track Name: History
Lets talk about history
Talk about you and me
And how we used to be
I was a boy or so it’s told
I was a girl or so it’s told
Don’t believe a word you’re told
Playing ring around the roses
To gather up the stories that I’ve sold
And I hope I find a true one
Before the two of us get to old

Now it’s just me and you, and I confess
The boredom’s got me on my knees
I’m sitting here dissecting Jaffa Cakes
While your sense of humour sinks into the sea
You’re always in the bedroom singing please, please, please
While I am in the service station sniffing magic trees
Sometimes I wish you’d get on a flight to Belize
But you’d probably take with you my signed photo of John Cleese

La, la, la, la…
Track Name: Hallam
I walked along the coastline
Along the path of the sea
My love he waited there for me
He wore a green dress
That went down to his knees
I wore a shirt and tie only

He spoke to me about the decline of masculinity
Whilst I set about polishing his shoes
And Then we waded out into the salty stinging water
I said the sun or me you can only have one, choose

And come and live in candlelight
Where no-one can see you laugh or cry
He says don’t you know, no-one cares anyway
Blindfolded we don’t have to fight
If we can’t see they never can blame us
He says their guilt just makes them feel needed

So I walk back along the rocks
My love he stays there by the sea
Shaving his legs on a piece of sharpened shell
My foot slips in the black of night
I tumble deep into the sea
I will sleep there as he waits the kiss of dawn